Colorectal cancer and chemotherapy at home

Advanced colorectal cancer treatment options and home-based chemotherapy improves quality of life for patients

Every year, the month of March marks Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. The treatment of advanced colorectal cancer is developing rapidly with many new and evolving medicines.

Generally, chemotherapy drugs for advanced colorectal cancer are divided into two types: oral or infusion. In the past, traditional continuous infusion has required admission to the hospital. With new developments in cancer care, patients now have the option of “home chemotherapy” where chemotherapy is delivered in the home.

After being evaluated by a doctor, colorectal cancer patients can use a portable chemotherapy infusion set to bring chemotherapy drugs home, which can be infused regularly without hospitalisation. Many colorectal cancer patients receiving these treatments are now seeing an improved quality of life!

Listen to a more detailed explanation from Dr. Sarah Lee, a clinical oncology specialist from Icon Cancer Centre Hong Kong, below.

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