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Delivering exceptional cancer care from diagnosis, through to treatment and beyond.

Our mission

Icon Cancer Centre provides a holistic approach to cancer care, aligning each stage of a patient’s cancer journey with the information and support they need from diagnosis, through to treatment and beyond.

At Icon, we believe that cancer treatment is a collaborative effort that requires the support of many people working towards one goal – to provide our patients with care and support every step of the way.

Icon services in Hong Kong

Icon Cancer Centre (previously known as Central Comprehensive Cancer Centre) and Icon Specialist Centre (formerly Colorectal and Laparoscopic Surgery Centre) were initially established within Central Building in Central, Hong Kong and have since expanded to Ocean Centre and Grand Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui. Led by Dr. Teo Man Lung Peter, Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital Honorary Consultant in Clinical Oncology, and Dr. Chu Kin Wah, Colorectal Surgeon, alongside an experienced team of oncology and colorectal specialists, our clinics offer a wide range of treatment and care options for the Hong Kong community.

Icon Cancer Centre Hong Kong provides treatment for all adult cancers, offering a holistic approach to care including chemotherapy and radiation oncology services delivered alongside reputable hospital partners. This is complemented by Icon Specialist Centre which delivers the full suite of consultation, diagnostic and surgical procedures for colorectal conditions. Our centres provide a convenient, confidential and comfortable environment for patients and their loved ones, backed by advanced medical technology and an international standard of treatment delivered by a caring medical team.

Icon Specialist Centre provides oncology services, diagnostic procedures such as colonoscopy, and colorectal surgery, delivering a comprehensive approach to care for patients with colorectal conditions. Equipped with a dedicated and experienced team of specialists, Icon provides holistic care that ensures patients, and their families feel safe and supported in the toughest of times.

Icon Cancer Centre Hong Kong and Icon Specialist Centre are part of Icon Group – Australia’s largest dedicated provider of cancer care with a global footprint spanning across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Mainland China. For more information on Icon Group visit https://icongroup.global.


Icon is committed to providing the best possible care to communities across Hong Kong and the ASEAN region. If you are a motivated individual looking to join a supportive, values-driven team, we’d like to hear from you. Click here to contact us.


Serena Wee

Chief Executive Officer - Icon (ASEAN)

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