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Delivering exceptional cancer care from diagnosis, through to treatment and beyond.

Our mission

Icon Cancer Centre provides a holistic approach to cancer care, aligning each stage of a patient’s cancer journey with the information and support they need from diagnosis, through to treatment and beyond.

At Icon, we believe that cancer treatment is a collaborative effort that requires the support of many people working towards one goal – to provide our patients with care and support every step of the way.

Icon services in Hong Kong

Icon Cancer Centre (previously known as Central Comprehensive Cancer Centre) and Icon Specialist Centre – Colorectal Surgery (previously known as Colorectal and laparoscopic Surgery Centre) are located in the heart of Central within the well-regarded Central Building by Medical Industry. Led by Dr. Teo Man-Lung Peter, Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital Honorary Consultant in Clinical Oncology and clinical oncologist, and Dr. Kin Wah Chu, colorectal surgeon, our clinics offer patient care and treatment for a wide range of healthcare conditions.

After 10 years of practise in the Central region, Dr Teo and Dr Chu expanded their practices to Kowloon with the aim of continuing to build upon the reputation of Hong Kong’s medical services. They invited Drs Samuel Chiu, Miranda Chan and Alice Ng to join the Team which saw the fast development of clinics at Ocean Centre and Grand Centre. Shortly after this expansion, the group joined Icon – Australia’s largest dedicated provider of cancer care with a growing footprint in South-East Asia and Mainland China. Click here to view our locations.

Icon Cancer Centre Hong Kong treats a wide-range of cancers, offering an holistic approach to care including chemotherapy and radiation oncology services delivered alongside reputable hospital partners. This is complemented by Icon Specialist Centre which delivers the full suite of colorectal consultation, procedures and surgery. Our centres provide a convenient and intimate environment for patients and their loved ones, backed by advanced medical technology and an international standard of treatment delivered by a caring medical team.

Icon Specialist Centre provides oncology services, colonoscopy, and colorectal surgery and delivers a comprehensive approach to patients with colorectal conditions. Through state-of-the-art treatments, alongside a dedicated experienced team of specialists, Icon provides exceptional care to patients and their families at each step of the patient’s journey.

About Icon Group

Icon Group is Australia’s largest dedicated provider of cancer care with a growing reach into Asia and New Zealand. The group is built on a strong but simple vision – to deliver the best care possible, to as many people as possible, as close to home as possible.

The Group is backed by a consortium of global private investment firms including Goldman Sachs Principal Investment Area (GS PIA), Pagoda Investments and Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC). Headquartered in Hong Kong, Goldman Sachs boasts a strong portfolio of leading international healthcare investments. Pagoda Investments is a global private equity fund focussing on innovative technology, healthcare and advanced manufacturing, and QIC is an Australian investment firm owned by the Queensland Government with strong local and international business networks with a long-term investment mind-set.

The Group came together in 2015, however the businesses that form the Group have been pillars of the Australian and Asian healthcare communities for decades. These leaders – our founders, shared a belief that patients in Australia and abroad would benefit from a more innovative and dynamic approach to cancer care. Through this vision, Icon has created a unique integrated, end-to-end service model that leverages the strengths of a diverse, experienced multi-disciplinary team. The group delivers all aspects of quality cancer care, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and treatment for blood disorders, colorectal surgery, pharmacy and chemotherapy compounding.

In the past three years the group has grown significantly now with 30 cancer centres in Australia (including radiation oncology centres, medical oncology centres, as well as integrated centres offering all aspects of cancer care), seven sites in Singapore, one in Mainland China and four clinics in Hong Kong as well as a joint venture in New Zealand and a service agreement in Vietnam. Icon continues to open more centres, with several radiation oncology centres underway in Mainland China and Australia continuing to provide more care to where it is needed.

With a strong focus on innovation and investment in technology based solutions, as well as partnerships with peak international bodies such as the Union for International Cancer Control, Icon is proudly at the forefront of addressing the global cancer burden.

For more information on Icon Group visit https://icongroup.global


Icon is committed to providing the best possible care to communities across Hong Kong and the ASEAN region. If you are a motivated individual looking to join a supportive, values-driven team, we’d like to hear from you. Click here to contact us.


Serena Wee

Chief Executive Officer - Icon (ASEAN)

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