#AskDrIcon on Lung Cancer

#AskDrIcon on Lung Cancer

We understand that one will have many questions to ask a doctor when they receive a lung cancer diagnosis. In this video below, Dr. Teo Man Lung Peter (Clinical Oncologist) and Dr. Ng Wan Ying, Alice (Clinical Oncologist) answers some of the frequently asked questions on lung cancer such as genetic testing and treatment options.

To find out the answers to these questions, watch our video!

0:00 Is it necessary to do genetic testing for lung cancer? Has there been any new development in the treatment of lung cancer in recent years?

1:24 I have just been diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer, which has spread to multiple organs in the body. How should I choose a treatment plan ?

2:43 My lung cancer is controlled by targeted therapy drugs, but the cancer index suddenly rises. How do I deal with it?

4:31 The CT scan does not show the tumour for advanced lung cancer. Can the drug dosage be reduced?

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